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JPL Interdivisional Authorizations (IAs)

JPL Interdivisional Authorization Management System (IAMS)

About IAMS: Campus and JPL have developed an on-line JPL Interdivisional Authorization form submission and IA review process. 

IAMS Access:  To submit a new JPL IA or to modification an existing IA, please access IAMS at

Foreign Person:  If you are adding a foreign person to your IA, please contact us.  You may need to complete and submit a Foreign Person Questionnaire form to

Resources and Helpful Links

  1. Office of Sponsored Research IAMS Page
  2. IAMS Process Flow for Research IAs 
  3. IAMS FAQs

Contact Us

Please contact us if you a have a question about the export compliance portion of the IA:


Chris Catherasoo    (626) 395-3679 
Adilia F. Koch          (626) 395-4469