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Safeguarding Export-Controlled Documents, Data & Items

It is the responsibility of each Caltech PI and researcher to understand how to safeguard export-controlled items and documents associated with his/her research. Read below to learn about the precautions and requirements. Contact us with any questions.


Documents and Files

Prior to the publication or transfer of export-controlled documents or files from campus, the Caltech PI must perform a document review.  Learn about what needs to be checked, required markings to add, mandatory recordkeeping, and audits.  Learn more here.

Handling Electronic Data on Campus

Electronic storage and sharing of export controlled data - even while on campus - is a key risk area where compliance gaps can inadvertently occur.  Learn about IMSS guidelines.

Tangible Items

Approval is required from the Office of the Provost for export-controlled item(s) to be brought to campus.  Read on to learn about laboratory precautions, personnel access limitations, and required markings when handling export-controlled items.