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International Shipments

International shipments require a fully completed International Shipment Form. (This form is not required for personal shipments, household goods, books, mugs, business documents, office supplies (e.g. pens), clothing, Caltech souvenirs and simliar items.) Complete the Shipper sections and then email it to us for next steps. We will add other information required for your shipment and email it back to you for signature. (Please provide your form at least three days in advance of your intended ship date or more if it is a large shipment, so that we have enough time to review your shipment.) Once the International Shipment Form is signed, please attach three copies to your shipment and retain another copy for your files. Please also email us a copy along with other shipment paperwork (i.e. FedEx forms, bill of lading, etc.) for required record keeping. Contact us with any questions.

For shipments with biological, chemical or nuclear items, please  directly contact the Caltech Environment, Health and Safety office: or x6727.

Watch to Learn How to Send International Shipments

Get started by downloading the Caltech International
Shipment Form

Check out the Glossary and Guide to Determining Customs Value

Some items have been pre-approved for shipment - see that
list here

Watch for these red flag indicators during export transactions