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International Travel

Special restrictions apply when traveling to certain foreign destinations. The government restrictions include per diem rates, import and export restrictions that apply whether or not you are traveling with export-controlled items. Before you travel internationally, conduct a travel briefing, understand the Institute’s guidelines, and learn about the destinations with the highest risk. Please contact the Caltech Export Compliance Office before traveling abroad to understand the latest restrictions. Contact us with any questions.

March 24, 2017: DHS travel ban regarding laptops, ipads in carry-on bags


Planning Your Trip

Complete an Online Travel Briefing or contact us to schedule an in-person briefing. Requirements, tips, and resources for your trip will be provided.

What Are You Bringing?

Understand your responsibilities when traveling with electronic devices, presentations/lectures, hardware, software, technical data.


Do You Know the Highest Risk Destinations?

The highest risk countries include, but are not limited to: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. Click to learn about all the sanctioned and embargoed countries.

Get More Information

Access the latest U.S. government security warnings and other external
resources related to travel.