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Institute Research & Compliance Committees

Administrative Committee on Sponsored Research

The Committee on Sponsored Research, a group of faculty members appointed by the president, reviews proposals for sponsored research projects submitted on behalf of the Institute. The Committee review focuses on academic and other policy issues likely to be of concern to the Institute. Upon completion of the review, the Committee makes a recommendation to the Vice Provost of endorsement, or non-endorsement, of the proposal.

Proposals submitted to the following agencies for new and competing (renewal) research grants not exceeding $5 million annual are exempt from review by the Administrative Committee on Sponsored Research:

  • Grant proposals submitted to the Federal Government
  • Grant proposals submitted to non-profit sponsors who will be flowing through Federal funds to Caltech
  • Caltech President's Fund

Members of the Committee

Dr. Vincent B. McKoy, Chair, Professor, Theoretical Chemistry 
Dr. Thomas Heaton, Professor of Engineering Seismology 
Dr. John Ledyard, Professor of Economics and Social Sciences
Dr. Nai-Chang Yeh, Professor of Physics
Dr. Paul Bellan, Professor of Applied Physics

If your research involves the use of vertebrate animals, human subjects, recombinant DNA, molecules, viral vectors, or transgenics you will need approval from one (or more) of the following compliance committees. If you have questions please contact the committee chair or committee assistant listed.

◊Administrative Committee on Biosafety (IBC)

◊Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

◊Administrative Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects (IRB)