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The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) assists faculty in the review, submission, negotiation, and acceptance of extramural grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements for research, training, and other sponsored programs. OSR is part of a larger organization, Office of Research Administration, headed by Richard P. Seligman, Associate Vice President for Research Administration. 

OSR works closely with Post-Award Administration, and Export Compliance. In carrying out its mission, OSR also relies on other administrative units, namely the Office of Research Compliance, the Office of the General Counsel, and the Office of Technology Transfer.

Following is a list of OSR staff:

David Mayo, Director
(626) 395-6219

Mary Gibson, Associate Director
(626) 395-2494

Elizabeth Hisserich, Assistant Director
(626) 395-4317

Gaylene Ursua, Senior Contract and Grant Officer
(626) 395-3353

Lisa Miller, Contract and Grant Officer
(626) 395-3339

Jenny Mercado, Contract and Grant Analyst
(626) 395-2115

Lucy Viramontes, Contract and Grant Analyst
(626) 395-2372

Montel Rudolph, Contract & Grant Analyst
(626) 395-4910

Lydia McHam, Contract & Grant Assistant
(626) 395-4566

David (Leo) Gonzalez, Data Specialist
(626) 395-3408

Martin Granados Department Assistant
(626) 395-6357

OSR is organized into teams, and each academic division within Caltech has been assigned to a particular team. This structure is intended to provide more continuity of service to the divisions, so that one group of individuals will be responsible for a particular division's transactions, from proposal submission to award closeout. Each team is comprised of at least one Contract and Grant Officer and one Contract and Grant Analyst. Primary contact points for the academic divisions are as follows:

  NSF Grants, Subawards,


BIO  Lydia   Jenny  Gaylene/Mary
CCE  Lydia Lucy Gaylene/Mary
CCE-JCAP     Mary/David
EAS Lydia Montel Lisa/Elizabeth
GPS  Lydia  Jenny Gaylene/Mary
HSS  Lydia  Lucy Gaylene/Mary
  Physics  Lydia  Lucy Lisa/Elizabeth
  Math  Lydia   Lucy Lisa/Elizabeth
  Astronomy Lydia Montel Lisa/Elizabeth
  LIGO  Lucy  Lucy  David
  IPAC*  Lydia Montel Lisa/Mary

*IPAC submissions to JPL for funding go through Mary