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JPL Interdivisional Authorization Management System

 Notice: Recent Firefox browser upgrades are causing anomalies in the IAMS system.  If you encounter problems with no wrapping text, missing sentences,  or symbols in place of letters in the text areas, please try an alternate browser such as Chrome or Internet Explorer.

IAMS Log In Page

IAMS Quick Start Guide


IAMS Flow Chart

JPL Foreign Travel Request Form

JPL Foreign Travel Request Procedures

Simple Budget Template

Multi-Year Budget Template

IA Budget Justification

Budget Realignment Request Template


IAMS Procedures Manual (training from February 6, 2014)

 To check the status of your proposal submission to JPL in the IAMS system:

  1. Log into IAMS
  2. If you have not submitted the campus required documents – from your Home Screen left click and enter View My Assignments
    If you have pressed Submit in IAMS to process all required Division/PI documents – from your Home Screen left click and enter View My Completed Assignments.
  3. Scroll down the list to find the IAMS Proposal number you need under the Related Content header.
  4. Left click on the blue hyperlink for the specific IAMS IAxxxxxx number you need to see. The system will take you to the Task Initiation screen for that proposal number.
  5. Left click the blue hyperlink Review History at the top right side of the Task Initiation page.
  6. The system lists the review and approval actions taken from most recent action in descending order to the first action initializing the proposal at JPL.

If you have questions or problems contact OSR (Mary Gibson, Lydia McHam or your OSR Grant Analyst