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Notices & Clarifications

The following table includes a list of communications to the campus regarding some aspect of research administration.  This is not a complete list of such items, only those that maintain applicability to current processes.

2020-Mar-12 FY2019 ORA Annual Report
2019-Oct-22 FY2020 Rate Memo
2019-Oct-21 NSF FastLane Veteran's Day Shutdown
2019-Jul-09 NSF Proposal Update
2019-Apr-18 NIH Salary Cap for 2019
2019-Apr-02 Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)
     Caltech position
2019-Feb-25 Postdoctoral Scholars
     Salary, Benefits, Eligiblity to be PI
2019-Jan-31 Post-Partial Federal Shutdown
     NSF Updates
2019-Jan-28 Post-Partial Federal Shutdown
     NSF and NASA Updates
2018-Nov-07 PI Eligibility Clarification
     Situations that require VPR approval
2018-Mar-06 Cayuse vs.
2016-Sep-19 Minimum Committed Effort
2016-May-17 Miscellaneous Clarifications
     Application of Overhead
     Minimum Overhead
     Division Chairs as PI
     Proposals with JPL Involvement
2015-Jun-08 PI COI Disclosures and Proposal Submission
2013-Mar-20 NIH-Required Certifications on the DAF

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